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I believe we all have the capacity to achieve loving, fulfilling relationships, but sometimes we get in our own way. Whether you are stuck in old patterns, afraid to try something new, uncomfortable in your own skin, or simply frustrated with the cards you’ve been dealt, please allow me to assist you on your journey to your full potential, and most rewarding relationships.

I specialize in Relationship Issues, with an emphasis on Divorce, Separation, Step-parenting, and Anxiety and Depression. You may be experiencing significant life changes, finding your new role, or rebuilding your life in a way you hadn’t envisioned before. Or you may be looking for a warm, unbiased and knowledgeable therapist who can help connect you with your teen during a time of change.

Our families can be challenging and frustrating, but they have shaped who we are, and through reflection and understanding, it is possible to change our course in the world. Whether you are interested in individual therapy, family therapy or couples therapy, I can teach you the skills you need to improve your existing relationships while giving you the space to be yourself.